This is a website mainly devoted to osteoporosis: its symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and more. Osteoporosis is a health condition characterized by a reduction in both bone density and bone mass, and this happens by bone space enlargement.

Many people ask whether it is an autoimmune disorder, as with several forms of rheumatic conditions. This is mainly because they confuse it with osteoarthritis. The answer is no; OP is described as bone disease or skeletal disorder. Even so, osteoporosis can and does occur in rheumatic disease patients. Rheumatic conditions and osteoporosis are similar in that both have negative effects on our bones. So, it is easy for you to mistakenly regard osteoporosis as a rheumatic disorder.

Treatment options for OP tend to make a form of multidisciplinary approach necessary. Our website content discusses many different forms of treatment options for it. As new treatment emerges in the health and wellness industry, we may also talk about it here. We are expecting the new options to come in the future, as research about osteoporosis treatment happens every so often. We will discuss it because we know that the key to getting timely diagnosis and treatment is your knowledge about both.