High Uric Acid: Will It Worsen Your Osteoporosis Situation

Osteoporosis Treatment
Osteoporosis Treatment

Diagnosing osteoporosis is quite straightforward- a thorough look at the patient’s medical history, a physical examination and an X-ray. But predicting how the ailment will progress and to what degree the osteoporosis pain the patient will have to suffer-is many notches higher.

However, science may have an answer. One such indicator that can help doctors examine the progression better would be to look at the levels of uric acid. High uric acid levels in the body are often related to gout and other forms of arthritis. There have been studies that have found that patients suffering from osteoporosis and have high levels of uric acid, and are not diagnosed with gout will experience a faster aggravation of their osteoporosis situation.

What Exactly Is Uric Acid?

It is the substance that the body produces when it breaks down purines- it is found in foods and in human cells. The circulatory system generally carries this uric acid to the kidneys wherein it eliminates the uric acid via the passing of urine. There are people that produce either too much of uric acid that is beyond the permissible norms, or that they produce the normal amount but their kidneys are unable to efficiently process and pass it through.

There are obviously lifestyle aspects that decide the level of uric acid in one’s body. A diet that is rich in purine such as sweet bread, red meat, gravies and shellfish will cause an increase in uric acid levels. Further heavy beer consumption and obesity also can contribute to high uric acid build-ups in the body.

Now once the damage has been done, how does one reduce the high levels of uric acid in them?

Ways To Reduce Uric Acid Levels

There are changes that you will need to make in your dietary lifestyle. Some of the things you could do are:

  • Drink Plenty Of Water

Staying hydrated will ensure that the uric acid gets flushed out and doesn’t accumulate in the body. This prevents the formation of kidney stones as well; this is another problem that can arise due to high uric acid levels. Drink at least 10 to 15 cups of fluids a day. Moreover, stay clear from sweet and carbonated drinks.

  • Keep The Alcohol Down

Alcohol is a strict no! You must cut out alcohol completely as these are high in purines. Apart from inhibiting the act of elimination of uric acid, the body creates uric acid when it metabolizes purines.

  • Keep An Eye On What You Eat

Stay clear of red meat and seafood. Revamp your menu and double-down on your dietary intake to avoid uric acid build up in your body.