Exercising With Osteoporosis: Treading A Fine Line

Osteoporosis Symptoms
Osteoporosis Symptoms

We know all too well that water is very essential for us- 3 days without it and you are out. But too much of water will kill you! Many things in our lives come with its set of risks. Although it is important, too much of something ends up turning dangerous for you. Our prime focus today is on how exercise plays a foundational role in helping you fight osteoporosis, but we’ll also look into how too much of exercise will become risky.

The Ill-Effects Of Exercise

To help clear the obvious, the risks of exercise are overweighed by the benefits it offers. One of the most common risks associated with straining yourself more than needed is musculoskeletal injuries. These injuries include the likes of stress fractures, strains, inflammation, tears and traumatic fractures. While it is true that injuries of this sort occur when you over-strain yourself or perform the exercise in the wrong way, it goes without saying that the seriousness can’t be underplayed. It will take you quite some time to fully recover if at all from these injuries. Here are some of the ways in which you can mitigate the risks:

  • Make sure to warm up and stretch. Stretching primes and limbers your tendons and joints for the strenuous movements ahead. The stretching session must last a good 30 mins if not more, to help your body ready itself physically for the load.
  • Don’t start off with a bang. Do easy and low strain exercises; also make sure to follow through every day. Don’t work one day, and then do the next 2 weeks later- You will gain nothing.
  • Know your limits. Don’t go above and beyond what your body is capable; chances are you will hurt badly yourself.

The Benefits Of Exercise

You have much to gain from exercise and as previously mentioned- The benefits far outweigh the ill-effects. Some of the few benefits of exercising are:

  • Weight benefits- Exercise is a must for those who have put on additional weight. It is the most effective way to treat obesity and contributes to loss in body fat, rather than sticking to weight loss diets alone.
  • Cardiac Benefits- Regular exercising help in reducing the risks associated with coronary diseases and cardiac conditions. It works great in secondary prevention for those who have already experienced complications to the heart.
  • Osteoporosis- Weight bearing exercises for osteoporosis will help in enhancing mobility and increase the strength of the musculoskeletal system. This lowers the risks of falling prey to fractures in the future.