Frequently Asked Questions About Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis Treatment
Osteoporosis Treatment
Osteoporosis Treatment
Osteoporosis Treatment

Some individuals who experience vertebral fractures eventually get diagnosed with osteoporosis. It is an extremely common health condition found in grown-ups aged above 50 years. Shared below are answers to the questions that people often ask about it.

What Is The Best Tool For Diagnosing It?

The best possible way to determine the nature of osteoporosis is to measure bone density or bone loss through the so-called dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scan. Also known as the ‘DEXA’ scan, it is a form of X-ray. The examination results are likely to suggest how severe bone loss is, and these may aid doctors in determining how likely an individual is to develop a fracture.

What Do Doctors Look To Achieve Through Standard Treatment For Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis treatment aims to keep bone fractures from occurring. People who have low bone mass or osteoporosis are prescribed standard drugs, used to lower the possibility of fracture, slow or prevent bone loss, and boost bone density.

Who Are The Most Likely To Have It?

According to experienced doctors, osteoporosis is mainly a disease found in the North, and it affects people who live in Scandinavian nations. That said, it can develop in people who hail from any part of the globe. It has a greater negative effect on women as compared to men. When it comes to ethnicity, it affects Asians and white people more. Besides, people who live at a considerable distance from the so-called ‘equator’ are more likely to develop it than those situated nearby or in the tropics.

What Are Some Of The Primary Prevention Strategies For Osteoporosis?

The strategies include following a diet that contains enough calcium and sufficient vitamin D, having supplements or getting sunlight, and doing higher-impact or weight-bearing exercise when possible. The thing that plays the most important part in preventing it is retaining strong bones.

How Common Are Vertebral Compression Fractures?

As per online statistics, these are spinal fractures that happen in about 700,000 individuals in the United States of America. The stats also say these fractures occur twice as commonly as some other fractures usually associated with osteoporosis, like broken wrists and hips. Some doctors say that they come across cases of VCFs too often. The fracture happens as the weight of the body crushes the bone, and is a less known issue.